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Gaudium IVF Treatment Centre Janakpuri Delhi – IVF Unplugged!!!

Yes, that’s we do at Gaudium IVF centre. Making IVF technology accessible, for childless couples to patronize it for fulfilling their dreams is our forte. Gaudium derives its etymology from the Latin word joy and that’s exactly what we strive to do, day in and day out at Gaudium. Ushering a ray of hope, and bringing incalculable joy in the lives of those who had none by offering affordable IVF care is our mission since inception.

We don’t choose an idea; it’s the idea that chooses us

Something similar happened in 2009, when Dr. Manika Khanna, India’s youngest fertility specialist decided to start Gaudium IVF Treatment Centre Janakpuri Delhi with a vision to offer cutting edge infertility treatment and surrogacy support centre to a wider section of the Indian middle class.


The decision to leave a bright successful career in the private healthcare sector and start from the scratch was taken in response to a strong latent demand for IVF treatments which people only read about on the internet or heard from friends based abroad but had no easy access to in a metropolis like Delhi. By acting on her gut feel, instinct and backing up her idea of offering affordable IVF treatments with superior on –ground execution, Dr Manika has clearly made her mark in India’s medical history.

When a powerful idea meets superb execution

Adopting a patient centric approach with a vision to see Gaudium emerge as a nerve centre for both domestic and international patients, she has helped more than 6700 couples to have their own child by leveraging the best in IVF care. With her team of super-specialists, Gaudium has quite clearly emerged as a monster brand in the IVF space.


The result of her untiring efforts to see a smile on the face of every childless couple is now for everyone to see. With nine governments approved infertility treatment and surrogacy centres’ coming up in cities like Delhi, Jammu, Ludhiana, Jhajjar, Gaudium is all set to build a pan-India footprint in the times to come. At Gaudium, we will help you embark upon the most exciting phase of your life. That’s a guarantee!

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