Blastocyst Culture & Transfer

This is an advanced assistive reproduction technique that maximizes the chances of conception while at the same time eliminating the chances of multiple pregnancies. Blastocyst Culture & Transfer is basically a laboratory procedure wherein fertility doctors grow multiple embryos to the blastocyst stage of development for five to six days. And after the end of this time period, they can determine with greater accuracy, which embryos are really “best” for implantation in the uterus of the intended mother.


The most significant aspect of this process is that reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies which always carry higher chances of miscarriage and this procedure is the best antidote for it. The central idea behind this procedure is that after five to six days of growth, the cells of the embryo have differentiated by function and the embryos that have developed to this stage are quite healthy enough to ensure a full term pregnancy without any complications.


Our experience has shown that there are three main benefits of Blastocyst culture and transfer:


  1. Few eggs will progress from the fertilization stage to the four-cell stage and fewer still will progress to the eight cell stage and develop into blastocysts and therefore only the best embryos will be implanted in the uterus of the intended patient
  2. The blastocyst media or the culture media in which the embryos are developed is far superior to the in-vitro culture environment that has several shortcomings. The blastocyst culture media is rich in life-sustaining nutrients and there is high chance of embryo survival as the nutritional requirements of the embryo are fulfilled in this blastocyst media
  3. The expertise of laboratory embryologists at Gaudium is critical to achieving good blastocyst development as we have the depth of knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful full term pregnancy.


In our quest to offer superlative assistive reproduction techniques both at the clinical and laboratory level, we constantly try to bring the best practices being followed internationally into our processes to ensure high rate of treatment success.

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