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A highly emotionally rewarding and satisfying process wherein a healthy female donates her eggs to help an infertile mother conceive through the process of in-vitro fertilization or IVF as it is commonly called. Only a woman can understand the pain of another woman and by giving the gift of conception to her, she helps not only to fulfill the vacuum in her life but also helps extend a family’s lineage to the next generation.


The Initial Process of Egg Donation


  • At Gaudium IVF Centre, women interested in becoming egg donors are required to undergo physical and psychological testing to ensure their overall fitness for donating eggs to a childless couple.  Details about past fertility, genetic diseases, family heredity are obtained along with questions about alcohol, drug use.
  • The information accrued is recorded in a database which is presented to the commissioning parents who then make a decision. Our experience has shown that intended parents do see the height, weight, ethnicity, eye colour while screening prospective donors in the database presented to them. After all, they want to do everything right when they go for IVF.


Next Step for Egg Donors


  • Once an egg donor has been selected, basic tests like: haemmogram, hepatitis B&C, Syphilis, HIV and cystic fibrosis/sickle cell anaemia in some cases are conducted to ensure the physical fitness of the donor.
  • The next step is to synchronize the menstrual cycle of both the donor and recipient through oral contraceptive formulations or vaginal contraceptive rings having synthetic hormones akin to those released by birth-control tablets. The donor is then administered follicle stimulating hormones subcutaneously in order to help her generate several eggs at once.
  • This phase lasts for 10-14 days and donors are advised to abstain from any sexual intercourse with their partners during this period and avoid taking any kind of contraceptives/prescription medications without medical supervision. IVF specialists at Gaudium prescribe a list of medications that donors can take in this period.

Final Step


  • The final task of retrieving the mature eggs from the ovaries occursin this phase. And the IVF specialist inserts a suctioning needle into each ovary through a tube attached to an ultrasound probe to remove mature oocyctes from the follicles.
  • This task requires great precision and therefore an ultrasound imaging machine is employed to ensure cent percent accuracy and avert organ damage.
  • In medical terms, this procedure is called as transvaginal ultrasound aspiration which is performed under conscious sedation. Antibiotics are administered to prevent any kind of infection and oral promethazine is also given to prevent nausea.

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