Laser Assisted Hatching

With new age techniques being employed in the field of IVF, laser assisted hatching has gained momentum in the assisted reproduction space globally. And India with its low capital and labor costs is fast becoming a favored destination amongst NRI couples and international patients, owing to the economical and high quality expertise available. Laser Assisted hatching is a highly advanced scientific procedure that is performed on embryos in the cleavage stage which is usually the third day of in-vitro development before the embryo is transferred to the womb.


  • In the laser assisted hatching procedure, the outer covering of the embryois broken by shooting a few laser pulses in such a manner so that the cells of the embryo are not damaged.
  • Care is taken to fire the laser beams a little away from the cells, so that only the outer shell is broken and a small opening is made which is referred to as zona pellucida.
  • This small opening helps the embryo to break out of the shell and assist in the implantation process and the process takes only a few seconds.
  • IVF specialists who have demonstrated expertise in performing this highly critical function are employed for this purpose that employ mechanical force using a micro-needle along with simultaneous acid digestion of the outer shell.


Our experience has shown that the following categories of patient’s desire laser assisted hatching and these include:


  • Women above 35 years of age who have crossed the prime age of maternity and those with two or more failed IVF cycles.
  • Those with elevated day three FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone.


Patients having the following complications also opt for Laser Hatching


  • Thick egg shell
  • Abnormal egg shell
  • Poor quality embryos
  • Slow developing embryos
  • Embryos with excessive fragmentation


At Gaudium, we use state of the art laser technology to offer the safest, superlative and most standardized way of assisted laser hatching to our patients and offer full guidance and end-to-end support in assisted conception.

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