Sperm Aspiration

This is an important surgical procedure performed by fertility specialists wherein the sperm is obtained directly from the male reproductive tract using a surgical needle.


This procedure is employed in cases where the male partner has a very low sperm count or the sperms are so weak that they cannot be used for in-vitro fertilizations which typically require millions of sperms to fertilize the female eggs and produce an embryo. This kind of surgical procedure is also employed for men with no sperm or those with not motile or dead sperms.


  • During the procedure, a surgeon uses a microscope to locate tubes containing sperms and then fluid is extracted. In case, the sperms obtained in the first attempt are of low quality, then attention is diverted to another area.
  • There is another method referred to as blind search wherein the surgeon inserts a needle into the epididymis but it is risky as chances of a blood vessel getting pierced and bleeding occurring are high. So the above method is employed mostly as it is risk-free.
  • Sperms are extracted from a small organ near the testes, where sperms are stored in tiny tubes. And the healthy sperms are thereafter injected into a woman’s egg in a laboratory in order to determine the possibility of embryo development.


Sperms collected in this manner are used for ICSI procedures and through this procedure; it can be determined in 48 to 72 hours, whether the embryo is fit enough to be placed non-surgically in the uterus of the female partner. Any embryos that are left over or   unused can be frozen for donation, biomedical research or for later use by the intending parents. There are certain inherent advantages of fine needle sperm aspiration as it is relatively painless, causes less discomfort and the recovery process is faster for the male patient.

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