Sperm Donation

Definition: In layman terms, sperm donation refers to the practice of donating a healthy sperm to impregnate a woman as the intended father may have: Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues like premature-ejaculation, lack of healthy sperm, low motility of sperms or low sperm count that may not fertilize the female eggs.


  • Advances in medical science and the rise in the infertility phenomenon worldwide have given momentum to the phenomenon of Sperm Donation. Even lesbian couples are now opting for sperm donation in order to have their own child.
  • The reluctance to go for sperm donation has gone down globally and more people even in conservative societies are choosing to opt for it instead of remaining childless for their entire lives.
  • Even in Islamic and oriental societies, there has been a perceptible decline in the resistance to sperm donation and it is not abhorred anymore. Higher educational levels among women have helped in many of them taking their own decisions regarding motherhood.
  • Rising same sex marriages in the west and the judicial sanction offered to them will exponentially increase the demand for sperm donation in the times to come. In India, it is a fairly low cost procedure and is a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

Important points to note: At Gaudium IVF Centre, we advise patients to undergo tests right away or else present us with the latest HIV, HBsAG, HCV, semen test and sperm analysis report before we decide upon the course of treatment.


Our requirements: We prefer healthy sperm donors not having any chronic health issues in the age group of 21-38. Donors whose relatives have genetic health issues are discouraged from participating in the process in order to ensure healthy offspring for commissioning parents. We are open to men from all ethnic backgrounds to come forward and support the noble cause of sperm donation. Interested donors can contact us at the email id provided.

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