Sperm Freezing

An important feature of the assisted reproduction process, sperm freezing is a simple procedure that men can use to store and preserve their sperm in a bank for future use. Both IUI and IVF procedures utilize sperms which have been frozen for some time. More men over 30 across the globe are now opting for sperm freezing or cryo-preservation of sperms and cultural taboos with regard to sperm freezing are breaking down as more trust is building up in the cryopreservation system.


Step 1: Patients coming to Gaudium IVF Centre are encouraged to ask all possible questions that they can with regard to the sperm freezing procedure so that there are no doubts in their mind. And the entire procedure is made crystal clear to the couple before the sample is collected and the sperm freezing agreement signed.


Step 2: Semen collected through masturbation is placed on a warming block that is heated to a temperature of 37 degree Celsius. At this temperature, it liquefies and it is blended in a 1: 1 ratio with a freezing element that ensures the survival of the sperm through the freezing and storage process.


Step 3: Each ejaculate of the patient yields anything from one to six vials and every vial is labeled with the patient’s name, date and an identification number that is unique. After labeling the semen, they are placed in liquid nitrogen containers.


Step 4: Liquid nitrogen vapors are use to freeze samples slowly and the sperms remain in these containers till they are retrieved for ICSI or IUI.


Usually patients who feel that they might have to undergo treatment for a chronic ailment in future based on their current health status. If chance of the quality of sperm deteriorating due to any ailment is high, then cryo-preservation makes sense or else it might be too late. There are many cancer medications that can damage the quality of sperm badly and the chances of fathering a child diminish so it is better to opt for sperm freezing at the earliest without any further delay.

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