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November 28, 2015

In Vitro Fertilisation is fast becoming the preferred choice of treatment among childless couples in the country Arunima and Nitin (names changed to protect identity) had been married for five years. Everything was ok till they planned to expand their family. When even after trying for six months to have a baby, noting happened, they consulted an IVF expert at the advice of the gynaecologist and within six months Arunima conceived. Today this mother of one-year-old Nitika can’t stop expressing her gratitude to the IVF expert. “Medical technology has changed so much for the better. Today we are very happy that we opted for this procedure. Though Nitin was positive about it from the day the gynaecologist suggested it, I was quite apprehensive at the beginning. But after having multiple discussions with the doctor, I felt confident. Today I would advise all those couples who are having trouble to have babies to give it a thought,” states Arunima. When all other assisted reproductive technology fail to produce results, In Vitro Fertilisation, or IVF as it is popularly known, comes to the rescue of childless couples. IVF is the process of fertilisation by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus. The success rate of the treatment varies widely and is different for different couples. There are a host o

November 25, 2015

نيودلهي في 25 تشرين الثاني/ نوفمبر 2015 / بي آر نيوز واير — تغلب الأمل في إنجاب طفل أخيرا على المخاوف التي سببها الإخفاق المتكرر لدورات التلقيح الصناعي. فبعد فشل لأكثر من 15 دورة للتلقيح الصناعي أصيبت السيدة سافلا راني بهاتيا بالاكتئاب التام وفقدت كل الآمال بأن تنجب مرة أخري. ولكن في النهاية ساد التفاؤل بإنجابها أول طفل معجزة هندي بعد فشل أكثر من 15 دورة للتلقيح الصناعي.

وفي الأثناء التي تنظر فيها السيدة بهاتيا إلي طفلها الذي يبلغ من العمر عاما الآن، والذي يتمتع بحياة طبيعية وصحية، فإنها تعترف بأنها كانت قد فقدت الأمل تماما في إنجاب طفل بعد الفشل المتكرر. فلقد أمضى الزوجان 15 عاما آملين في انجاب طفل من خلال دورة طبيعية ووصفة طبية ولكن دون نتائج. وجرب السيد والسيدة بهاتيا مراكز التلقيح الصناعي الواحد تلو الآخر من الهند إلى خارجها (المم

November 2, 2015

Simple words, but they have the power to prevent innumerable fights, differences, tantrums that can wreak havoc in a relationship. Marriage is NOT a business arrangement.It’s a matter of chance but there are certain unwritten rules that define a relationship and have a bearing on the future of the relationship. You may have known your man for a decade before tying the knot but it is important to have the one crucial conversation with your man that will set the rules right at the beginning of parenthood. The advent of a child does make a husband wife relationship rocky as the mother has to cater to the little dictator leaving little time for the husband. So, it’s important that you do not take a unilateral decision in this regard, no matter how fiercely independent you are. If the time has come for you to walk over to the next level then, its time you test the waters and step into it carefully and get to know what he feels about the issue. If you have been married for a while and having regular sex with your partner without contraceptives and still not able to conceive, chances are you might need: IVF treatment. There are millions like you going through the same though process as infertility has become a global challenge across time-zones and geographies. Do not despair as your food habits or lifestyle may not have a role in it as infertility can be due to genetic, hereditar